Games and applications

I have several games and applications on my account. Some of them are cooperation where I was or am part of a team of programmers. Such games and applications are:

  1. Construction simulator, where I was responsible for vehicle physics
  2. Bus simulator, where I was responsible for vehicle physics and proper camera operation
  3. Truck simulator version 2016 and its continuation, where also on my head rested vehicle physics and camera support
  4. Farm simulator – these are my beginnings with vehicle physics and game cameras
  5. Friends Family Party Games, which are no longer in the store, but there is a video on YouTube: Here I wrote independently all the functionalities of mini games that were part of a larger game.
  6. Pictory Tale, where I was a member of the team that is working on the application – a communicator using AR technology. My scope of work is programming work in the field of GUI, application logic, AssetBundle. It is not present in store, but still you can watch video:
  7. Minigames programming for Habtic – application for activity and lifestyle.
  8. Tech lead and main programmer in GetMore – application for augmented reality for ecommerce

And games I made for Habtic:

1. Colr game –
Stroop Test game. You need to choose proper color.

2. One Step Woman game –
By swiping you need to go from on e point to other avoiding enemies

3. Temple Trap game –
You need to remember where traps are, and draw a path avoiding traps

4. Math Game –
You need to write a proper result of math operation with your finger.
Here I need to teach a game to recognise provided finger gestures.

5. Office Sim –
An AR showcase for London fairs, where Dutch company was showing our capabilities
I was a programmer for AR.

For 1 – 4 I was responsible to program whole gameplay I received as a description in design doc and with concept drawings.
Whole games was created in 2D Unity UI using animations and scripting.
I needed to prototype fast, write suitable and optimized code.

Standalone releases are Cross Your Words – a Scrabble clone – a word game that I develop.

In addition, I made several quick applications to present myself and my basic skills in VR technology (Android applications):

  1. Bird Fly – an unfinished project for virtual flights over San Francisco. It remains to complete the flying module. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard, WRLD
  2. Room Designer – a simple AR application for designing room decor etc. Technologies used: Unity3D, Wikitude
  3. VR Fly – a simple application with a plane flying over San Francisco. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard
  4. VR Zombies – a simple game – shooter. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard