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Games and applications

I have several games and applications on my account. Some of them are collaborations where I was or am part of a programming team. Such games and applications include:

  1. Construction simulator , where I was responsible for vehicle physics
  2. Bus simulator , where I was responsible for vehicle physics and proper camera operation
  3. Truck simulator  2016 version  and its  sequel , where vehicle physics and camera operation were also my responsibility
  4. Farm simulator  – this is my beginnings with vehicle physics and cameras in games
  5. Pictory Tale , where I was a member of the team working on an application – a messenger using AR technology. My scope of work includes programming work in the field of GUI, application logic, AssetBundle.
  6. Programming mini-games for Habtic – an application supporting activity and lifestyle.
  7. Tech lead and chief programmer at GetMore – an augmented reality application for e-commerce
  8. Refactoring and programming new functionalities in PZPN Trening Pro – an application for coaches associated with PZPN
  9. Creating a tool for Unity Inspector to generate high-quality videos without running the editor.
  10. AR software refactoring from Vuforia SDK to AR Foundation – built-in Unity AR solution for better stability of the application’s AR module
  11. A set of educational games for Swedish Tiny Mind Labs for kindergartens in Sweden
  12. Interior design app with online library
  13. Part of the development team in the Maloka project

Below is a list of games with links to APK files that I made for Habtic:

1. Colr –
Stroop test – choose the right color

2. One Step Woman –
Avoid the robots by moving around the board from the start to the finish line

3. Temple Trap –
Remember where the traps are and draw a path to avoid them

4. Math Game –
Write the result mathematical operation.
Here I had to teach the game to recognize gestures.

5. Office Sim –
Demonstration of the company’s capabilities in the field of AR for the fair in London. I was responsible for AR programming and stabilization.

For games 1-4, I was responsible for selecting the game display method (Sprites or Unity UI) and for all gameplay software based on documents and concept art. I was also responsible for optimization.

Independent publications include  Cross Your Words  – a Scrabble clone – a word game that I am developing. 

Additionally, I made a few quick applications to present myself and my basic skills in VR technology (Android applications):

  1. Bird Fly  – an unfinished project of virtual flights over San Francisco. All that remains is to complete the flying module. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard, WRLD
  2. Room Designer  – a simple AR application for designing room decor, etc. Technologies used: Unity3D, Wikitude
  3. VR Fly  – a simple application with a plane flying over San Francisco. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard
  4. VR Zombies  – a simple game – a shooter. Technologies used: Unity3D, Google Cardboard – requires a driver to move the character